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Meet the fish of Tahaa

Poissons de Tahaa

During your stay at the Pension Hibiscus de Tahaa, you will undoubtedly want to discover the wonders of the lagoon, and therefore the fish of Tahaa! 😍

Among your next meetings, here is a very small outline of what awaits you (we remind you that there are more than 800 species of fish in Polynesia so we are just flying over!)

1 / Clown fish

These you know even though you may not have seen any yet. But yes, it is Némo ! Without doubt the fish that children recognize the most easily!

You will find them near anemones (normally fatal to fish). They protect each other from predators …

Fairly fast, you will have to approach gently but it is rare not to be able to capture their beautiful colors in photos!

2 / Trumpet fish

Long and thin, you will sometimes see them looking for small fish or crabs.

Try to surprise them sucking their prey thanks to their very elongated mouth!

On the other hand, given their size (or rather their thickness), you can imagine that you have to be close or zoom in to see them appear in your photos!

3 / Chest fish

The body of chest fish is formed of welded bony plates, which gives them that box shape evoked by their name.

Thanks to their atypical shape, they have developed a particular swimming style: slow movements but with surprising maneuvers, such as 180 ° turns …

So you can spend some time observing and immortalizing their agility!

4 / Wrasse fish

In fact, it is a family of fish that includes more than 500 species in the world with various colors, sizes and shapes!

But most of the time, we find one thing in common: full lips!

They are shy and colorful fish that are sure to give you beautiful photos if you manage to capture their image …

5 / Butterfly fish

Very representative of the image we have of tropical waters!

You will often meet them in Polynesia, and almost always in the Tahaa coral garden.



6 / Parrot fish

Poisson perroquet

Just by their name, I think you will have no problem identifying them!

You will recognize them by their beak and their bright colors. In fact it is their teeth which they use to scrape the rocks in search of the algae on which they feed.


7 / Grouper fish

This family of fish includes many varieties of different sizes and colors.

They are often well camouflaged, carpet near the bottom, near a “potato”. But they are easily seen in areas where they do not feel in danger.


8 / Ballistae

In general, rather easy to observe and not shy, they are not afraid of humans.

Assorted colors, some of them worthy of Picasso, but still eyes set on the top and a ridiculously small mouth. And yet their jaws, with large rounded, forward-facing teeth, can almost effortlessly shatter shell shells or crab shells!

Triggerfish have a large, hard spine at the top and bottom, which they can erect in case of threat or for courtship display.

9 / The Napoleon

It is only one of the fish of the wrasse family which we have already spoken about. But it has a bit of a place apart, because we are often amazed by its size and colors …

It can measure up to 1.50m and weigh more than 70 kgs!

But most of the time, it’s not fish of this size that you might come across as you approach a pass … although they tend to stay quite far from humans.

10 / Surgeons

They owe their name to a kind of scalpel that cocks their tail.

When in danger, they straighten these blades and use their tails to defend themselves. But nothing to fear: they mainly feed on algae and small invertebrates!

So do you like it already?

The richness and beauty of the lagoon are much greater than that, but you have to keep the surprise for your stay! So more than to equip yourself with fins, mask and snorkel … And to you the discoveries and photos of the fish of Tahaa!

RQ: if you do not want to do this activity without support, some providers like Terainui Tours and Tahaa Jet Tours offer one or more snorkeling stops on different sites.

  • Visit their Facebook pages to find out about their program, their prices and current news!
  • we can also advise you on the best spots once there at the Pension Hibiscus de Tahaa

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