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Tahaa, the vanilla island to discover

Séchage vanille Tahaa

Ah !!! “Vanilla Island” … Just the name, it already makes you dream! And you are right: your stay there will leave you with a taste of exoticism and unique aromas during the visits to the plantations that you will make …

The Pension Hibiscus de Tahaa gives you a glimpse of what makes the reputation of the island. But we won’t go into too much detail so that you still have things to discover on site!


1/A marriage and a birth

Pollinisation de la vanille de Tahaa“Vanilla tahitensis” is a species of orchid that produces Tahitian vanilla. Recognized as more fragrant and more fruity than Bourbon vanilla, it is also much less cultivated and demand often remains unsatisfied.

You will better understand the work it represents after your visit to the plantations, where everything is done manually …

In fact, everything begins with a wedding that will be presented to you, a delicate operation that must be done with “love”. Indeed, Tahitian vanilla must be pollinated by human action … Then if the charm has taken (and the pod), it will take 9 to 10 months to harvest the fruit of this work …

It is the know-how of the producer that will determine when to pick the pods, before drying them for several weeks to release their fragrance … We are not revealing more to you for the moment!


2/ Tahaa vanilla, a unique product

The tropical climate is one of the elements that give Polynesian vanilla a unique taste and unparalleled finesse. But it also depends on the variety used.

Of course we are not objective, for us it is necessarily the best vanilla! And we are proud to know that local production feeds the best gastronomic tables …

Experts agree that Tahaa vanilla has balanced aromas, with notes of anise, caramel and chocolate (just that!)

What is certain is that when you taste it, you come back!


3/ A whole lot of reasons to use it!

Recettes à la vanille Tahaa

It is a product that can be stored for up to 5 years if left in a bottle or under vacuum, protected from light.

It is found in pods, powder, paste, but also in syrup, in sugar, coffee or in jams …

Tahaa vanilla is indeed suitable for many culinary preparations:

  • the “poe” or the local coconut bread
  • the fish with vanilla sauce
  • flavored dessert creams
  • “cannelés” sublimated with Tahaa vanilla
  • vegetable soups
  • infusions
  • countless desserts
Good to know: Tahaa vanilla has a greater scent power than other varieties, which allows you to put less at once!


MORE than to taste !!!

I hope we made you want to know more about our island’s flagship product.

The visit can be done live but it is also on the program of many excursions …

The shops will also allow you to bring back the format that suits you best (wonderful smell guaranteed during the visit and in the suitcase!)

This is just a glimpse of what awaits you on Tahaa … And we can’t wait to welcome you to tell you more about all the discoveries within your reach!

In the meantime, you can:

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