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Interesting Tīteti Āi’a Partnership in tahaa


Pension Hibiscus de Tahaa is pleased to inform you that we are now partners of the Tīteti Āi’a system which allows Polynesian residents to save money on their stay in the archipelagos.

How it works ?

You must book at least a 2 night stay + breakfast for 2 people.

On the official website Tīteti Āi’a, you can do a simulation to find out how many travel coupons you are entitled to depending on the island of departure and destination, and the number of people (maximum 16,000 F / person).

These coupons can be used with all partners of the device and you have 2 months to do so from the moment you request them.

It’s a digital wallet so you don’t get anything at home, you or tourism providers consult it directly online.

What’s the point ?

For your part, you recover purchasing power to better enjoy your stay: pay less for your accommodation or do activities that you would not have planned otherwise.

And in addition you contribute to the support of tourism and the economy of the fenua.

Everybody wins !

So do not hesitate to go to the site of Tīteti Āi’a to take all the necessary information and
contact us to check the availability of the Hibiscus pension in Tahaa on the dates that interest you!

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