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Change at the hibiscus pension in Tahaa

Changement famille pension Tahaa

But what is this change at Pension Hibiscus in Tahaa? Since the beginning of September, you may have had the opportunity to see the message of the Morou family: after so many years of welcoming you warmly and making you discover with passion their island, its beauty and its culture. , it was time to think about them a little more and take a well-deserved retirement

Many of you wished them to take full advantage of their time, which shows how much you appreciated them and the little green setting where they welcomed you. 😍 But what they have built over the years does not end, however: they indeed wanted Pension Hibiscus to continue to welcome you, and that it remain a family pension. But which family will now be there to prepare you for a wonderful stay in Tahaa?

Short presentation…

Well there are 7 of us! At the head of this new tribe: Pierre et Valérie, the parents. Then there are the children: Sandra and her partner Jérôme, Laura, as well as Quentin and his partner, Noémie.

We are a very close-knit family, so when the life-changing project started to take shape, there was a non-negotiable condition: a new start together or to cancel everything! But since everyone was keen on a new way of life and also changing their professional horizon, we were able to realize this life project step by step.

Why Polynesia ?

Pension Hibiscus de TahaaWe had already visited several islands that we really liked. And when you have a reconversion project in tourism, what destination could be more magical for people than Polynesia? 🤩 After having dreamed of it for many years as a family, it is our turn to participate in the dreams of others! And then it must be said that in addition to a taste for travel and hospitality, we are also lovers of the sea, so we can only feel good here!


What were we doing before ?

Pierre and Valérie are managers of a company in France in the public works sector. Sandra and Jérôme were employed there. So working as a family we know well! Laura, after her studies, is just starting her working life here. And Quentin, originally a cabinetmaker, was looking for a job that made him dream every day. He is a lover of marine animals and discovery so on Tahaa, he can only find happiness!

So here is a little glimpse of our family, but it will be best to get to know each other during your next stay at Pension Hibiscus in Tahaa! We look forward to welcoming you there and sharing our passions with you.

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